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Humberstone Primary School

Humberstone Primary School, one of the first mini-rugby teams in Leicester – started by Bleddyn Jones (top right), Tiger's player and English and Math teacher 1975-76

The union, now known as the Leicestershire Schools’ Rugby Union, is in its 122nd year and is going strong with teams from schools all over the county playing together. Over the years the Union has been host to some of the World’s top rugby players who all began at this low level and being inspired to pursue their skill and passion for the game to the very top.

From the 1970s a program of mini-rugby tournaments began in Leicestershire Schools after three teachers who also played for the Tigers pursued the idea. One of the three founders of Leicestershire schools’ mini-rugby was Bleddyn Jones who on his second day in the city stumbled across the Tigers’ training session and asked to join in – thus begun his Leicester Tigers career! He is now the voice of rugby commentary on BBC Radio Leicester.

Leicester Schools Tag Rugby Tournament 2015

Leicester Schools Tag Rugby Tournament 2015

In 1894 the league began as a way of inspiring schoolboys in Leicester, however today the union is made up of more girls in the sport than ever before. The current Union hope that this number of girls within the sport only increases making the sport more inclusive and fun for all.

Audio - Bleddyn Jones: Coming to Leicester
Hear Bleddyn Jones discussing his arrival in Leicester and how he came to play for The Tigers.

Audio - Bleddyn Jones: Favourite Memories
Hear Bleddyn Jones talking about some of his favourite memories of playing Rugby.

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