Aircraft Propeller Photo Frame

Loaned by Mr. Andrew Crawley. This wooden propeller blade carved with RAF wings belonged to Douglas Vivien Crawley, who originally served in the Leicestershire Regiment as Second Lieutenant with the Territorial Force 2/4th Battalion.

The propeller blade came from a WWI RAF R.E. 8 two-seater biplane reconnaissance and bomber aircraft. Douglas co-piloted this kind of plane near the end of the war, probably during the Battle of Amiens. His role was to drop bombs on German trenches and included many successful night bombing raids. The propeller was carved into a photo frame for a photo of one of his close comrades, Thomas R.P. Butcher.

The photo frame

The photo frame itself

He remembered the marching song of the 4th Leicesters :

We are the Leicester Boys, we are the Leicester Boys. We know our manners, we spend our tanners We are respected wherever we go. When you see us on parade, open the windows wide. All the girls begin to cry “I tiddly, I tiddly, I ti, ti”. We are the Leicester Boys.

Douglas was awarded the British War Medal and the Victory medal.

After the war Douglas became the organist and Choirmaster at Melbourne Hall Evangelical Free Church on St. Peters Road where he served the church from 1922 to 1962.